Why I’ve Started Using the Hashtag #authorjoys

I’ve noticed a lot of hashtags revolving around the same type of theme: problems. #writerproblems, #fangirlproblems, #peglegproblems (“When yar peg leg gets stuck in the poop deck #peglegproblems #fail #apirateslifeforme!). The problem with the problems hashtag is that it focuses on the worst parts of a thing. Yeah, I’d like to be able to buy a pair of pants off the rack that aren’t high-waters #tallgirlproblems.

But here’s the truth: yes, there are a lot of problems with various parts of life, but there is also good if only we look for it (like I might have short pants but I didn’t have to grab a chair anytime I wanted something off the top shelf like my college roommate). Sure, sometimes it might be difficult to see the best of a situation while we’re in it. But it’s important for us to remind ourselves about the good things too.

Especially for authors.

Writing is a hard, lonely road and it’s so easy to lose sight of our goals while we’re lost in the process. It’s simple to think of the problems that come as we write. There are a lot of them!

But what about the good things? The moment you get an awesome idea for a new story, falling in love with your characters, finishing a draft, seeing your book cover for the first time, a compliment from a reader, seeing your book on someone else’s bookshelf. Isn’t that why we do what we’re doing? Isn’t that what makes all the late nights, broken hearts, and carpal tunnel syndrome worth it?

I’m setting up a challenge for myself. For every time I use #writerproblems, I will have to use three #writerjoys. It’s a way of keeping things in perspective for me and to always keep in mind why I love what I do.

Care to join me?


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