Snapshot Book Review: Glass Sword

Glass Sword is the action packed, second book in the YA/Dystopian Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard. If you have not read Red Queen yet, you should probably NOT read this review as the synopsis will contain spoilers from Red Queen. You can also check out my review of Red Queen. So, here’s the final warning:

—————SPOILER LINE—————–

Glass Sword picks up immediately where Red Queen left off, after Mare and Cal escape the arena and flee with the Red Guard. While they are free from immediate danger, they don’t get very far without running into more trouble, with Maven now leading an army of Red Bloods to find and kill Cal and Mare.

Mare quickly decides that their main focus should be to find the New Bloods from Julian’s list so that they can fight for the Red Guard cause, but as new players come into the mix, she begins to wonder if she can actually trust anyone.

Glass Sword was far more action-packed than Red Queen, in a good way, and the new characters added in (which let’s face it, after Red Queen, we were running out of characters!) were interesting and quite vivid. It’s easy to see how certain of the new characters will affect the third and possibly fourth books in the series, which should be very exciting to see!

However, reading this book after Red Queen was a little bit of a let down for me. I know this will be a somewhat unpopular opinion, but I had several big issues with Glass Sword that killed some of my enjoyment of the book. There were a couple of REALLY big moments at the end of the book that were almost swept under the rug for the amount of time they were given, and some of the important emotional beats were reused from the first book, which for me felt like a cheat. The pacing felt off as well. Certain sections flew by while others seemed to drag for a while. And sadly the big twist at the end wasn’t really that surprising.

With everything considered, it was still an entertaining read, though not as much as Red Queen, in my opinion. But with as much as was set up in this book, I am definitely interested to see what happens in the third and fourth books.

Star Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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