Introducing Frigid Fever! (WIPjoy edition)

I’m working on a new project while OTWTS is out with my lovely Beta Readers (yay!). This happened to coincide with a fun monthly project on Twitter called WIPjoy. Basically, they give you prompts each day for a month – this one for June – which will give everyone a closer look at your current Work In Progress (hence WIP).

I decided to post about my new Supernatural, YA novel – Frigid Fever.

So, here’s a recap of my posts from June all about Frigid Fever. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to participate in WIPjoy again! Let me know what you guys think in the comments 🙂

Week 1: Intro Week

1. TELL US ABOUT YOUR WIP: My current #wipjoy is about a girl who can speak with the dead who is recruited by a team of girls who hunt the supernatural. #frigidfever

Who better to join a team of monster hunters? How about a teen medium. Lots of heart and girl power! #WIPjoy #frigidfever #supernatural

2. INTRODUCE YOUR PROTAGONIST’S AWESOMENESS: Dillon can speak with the dead and ultimately hunts the monsters doing the killing. Can we say badass? #frigidfever #WIPjoy

3. SHARE A LINE SHOWING YOUR WIP’S ATMOSPHERE: Day 3 for #WIPjoy : atmosphere. Here’s a little sample of Dillon Marsters #supernatural world in #frigidfever

4. SHARE A LINE ABOUT ONE OF YOUR WIP’S MAIN EMOTIONS: “I’ve lived more lives than anyone you’ve known and seen more of death than the oldest person on the planet.” – Dillon #WIPjoy #frigidfever

Week 2: Character Week

5. THE CHARACTER YOU RELATE MOST TO AND WHY: Langley sees potential in others that most don’t see and is harder on herself than anyone else. But she’s here to get the job done #frigidfever #WIPjoy

6. A CHARACTER WHO SHARES A FLAW WITH YOU: I’m not so sure it’s a flaw, but both Kit and I are more than a little pyro 😉 #WIPjoy #frigidfever #supernatural

7. DID YOU BASE ANYONE OFF OF A REAL PERSON? Dillon’s best friend Finn is based off of a dear friend of mine from college. He’s too adorbs to not use! #WIPjoy #frigidfever

8. SHARE A LINE THAT SHOWS A CHARACTER’S SENSE OF HUMOR: #WIPjoy Day 8: a bit of humor from Kit (pyro) and Dillon #frigidfever #supernatural

9. WHICH CHARACTERS WOULD YOU WANT TO BE ROOMMATES WITH? All of them would be fun roomies…except Kit. She might actually burn the house down! #WIPjoy #frigidfever #supernatural

10. SHARE A LINE THAT MAKES YOU WANT TO HUG A CHARACTER: I heart Finn so big ❤ #WIPjoy #frigidfever

11. A MINOR CHARACTER WITH AN AUTHOR HEAD-CANNON YOU ADORE: Kit secretly listens to opera. It’s the one thing she took from her parents cultured ways #WIPjoy #frigidfever

Week 3: Beginnings and endings

12. SHARE A CHAPTER BEGINNING YOU LOVE: Most people obsess about a person’s final words. I am much more interested in what they say after they die. #WIPjoy #frigidfever

13. HOW DO YOU WANT READERS TO VIEW YOUR PROTAGONIST AT THE BEGINNING? AT THE END? At the beginning, Dillon is fearful of the strange things happening, but eventually she’s afraid not to be a part of it #WIPjoy #frigidfever

14. SHARE A LIE WHERE A CHARACTER TRIES SOMETHING NEW: “I dig around [the body’s] pockets and swipe his keys. The whole thing creeps me out, but I have to learn the truth.” #WIPjoy #frigidfever

15. WHAT GRABS YOU MOST ABOUT YOUR PREMISE? It’s a more empathic view of the #supernatural hunters idea. The team sees victims, but Dillon sees people #WIPjoy #frigidfever

16. WHAT STICKS WITH YOU ABOUT THE ENDING? Dillon’s ability to stay true to herself as everything changes around her. Pushed to her limits and still unwavering #WIPjoy #frigidfever

17. AT THE END, HOW HAS YOUR PROTAGONIST MADE YOU PROUD? Dillon becomes more true to herself and doesn’t cave to the pressure of being what others want her to be #WIPjoy #frigidfever

18. SHARE A CHAPTER END YOU LOVE: #WIPjoy Day 18: A chapter ending I love #frigidfever

Week 4: Random Fun Week

19. DOES YOUR WIP HAVE A CONTAGONIST? Langley wants to help people but believes she knows better what they need, while Dillon listens to the person #WIPjoy #frigidfever

20. SHARE A LINE THAT MENTIONS FOOD: Pastrami, anyone? 🙂 #WIPjoy #frigidfever

21. DOES THE WEATHER OR NATURE PLAY A PART? There’s a lot of gloomy weather, so sunshine is a big deal 🙂 #WIPjoy #frigidfever

22. SHARE A LINE ABOUT A SMELL: There’s a lot of bleach smell in this one… #WIPjoy #frigidfever

23. IS THIS A KISSING BOOK? There is kissing in #frigidfever but it’s definitely NOT a good thing 😉 #WIPjoy

24. TELL US SOMETHING YOUR CHARACTER WOULD HATE US TO KNOW: She tries to appear strong and independent, but she needs other people more than she lets on #WIPjoy #frigidfever

25. DO YOUR CHARACTER FEEL LIKE YOUR FRIENDS, KIDS, BOTH, OR SOMETHING ELSE? These characters definitely feel like my friends. They’re the best mix of fun, cool, and awkward 🙂 #WIPjoy #frigidfever

Week 5: Encouragement Week

26. WHAT KEEPS YOU WORKING ON THIS WIP? What keeps me working on any project is the characters. I have to love them or it’s too easy to quit #WIPjoy #frigidfever

27. WHAT THREATENS YOUR WRITING JOY AND HOW DO YOU COMBAT IT? Self-criticism and chronic pain are my biggest threats to joy. Still working on ways to combat those #WIPjoy

28. WHAT DO YOU WANT THE FUTURE BOOK COVER TO LOOK LIKE? I’m working with my cover artist on one now! So excited about it, but nothing showable yet #WIPjoy #frigidfever

29. WHAT’S THE BEST THING PEOPLE CAN SAY TO YOU ABOUT THIS WIP? If it makes people think more broadly about others, then I’m a happy camper! #WIPjoy #frigidfever

30. WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING FOR YOUR NEXT WIP AFTER THIS ONE? No clue what’s next! Still early on in this project, so I’m still mulling my next steps 🙂 #WIPjoy #frigidfever


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