777 Game! Snippet from OTWTS

Hello all! Time for a bit of fun 🙂 I was tagged by J. P. Dailing on Twitter for the 777 Game. Though this game started on Facebook, it looks like it’s made its way over to Twitter now.

Here’s how it works: the challenged author posts the first 7 lines from the 7th page of their wip (Work in Progress), then tags 7 more people to do the challenge. I’m neck deep in editing On the Way to Simple right now, so I’ll be pulling from that. So, here goes – 7 lines from pg 7 of On the Way to Simple. Enjoy!

“Because I know you.” Alex didn’t shift his gaze from the road.

“Oh, I see. You know me so well that you can tell what my face will do at any given moment,” I mocked, pursing my lips at him.

“By now, yes. Like right now you’re probably pursing your lips.”

I rolled my lips into my mouth, biting down on them a little to hide my expression.

“Lucky guess.”



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