Inside On the Way to Simple! (WIPjoy Edition)

It’s that time again! WIPjoy just wrapped up for the month of September (more info on WIPjoy), so I thought I’d share the wrap-up of this month’s tweets I shared.
This time, I picked On the Way to Simple. (Click HERE to see the last WIPjoy wrap up for Frigid Fever.)
Intro Week

Day 1: Tell us about your WIP!
Dakota had a plan, until her best friend enlisted. Torn b/w love & fear, she learns things aren’t as simple as she believed. #WIPjoy #otwts

Day 2: What stage are you at with this project?
I’m actually sending to my editor in 3 days! …I’m not nervous. YOU’RE nervous. #WIPjoy #otwts

Day 3: Describe your WIP with 5 verbs.
5 verbs to describe #otwts : plan, hurt, kiss, love, and discover #WIPjoy
Background Week: Settings and Backstories

Day 4: What emotions do you evoke with your setting?
Dakota learns the most about herself in the ballet studio. It runs her through a full gambit of emotions #WIPjoy #otwts

Day 5: Share a line with a detail about your protagonist’s past.
#WIPjoy “I had seen him in a tie only once before [when we were still kids], but…a clip-on at his mother’s funeral didn’t really count.”

Day 6: What does your antagonist love deeply?
#WIPjoy Day 6: Alex loves Dakota more than anything in his world, but their history acts as both a blessing and curse. #otwts

Day 7: Which two characters have the most interesting history?
#WIPjoy Day 7: Dakota & Alex have the most interesting history! They have been to hell and back with each other since childhood #otwts

Day 8: Name something experienced with each sense in your WIP.
#WIPjoy Day 8: He started to say something but a pleased moan came out.
“What did I just put in my mouth?”
“Talk about dirty out of context.”

#WIPjoy Day 8: “It wasn’t the silence of a house full of sleeping people. That had an energy to it. This was too quiet.” #otwts

#WIPjoy Day 8: “I picked up a scent instead. Coffee. Amazing, rich, Kaylee coffee. I eased out of bed, trying not to wake him…” #otwts

#WIPjoy Day 8: “The sun was about to rise, but it still hid beneath the water at the horizon, waiting for the night to finish its turn.”

#WIPjoy Day 8: “I blushed terribly at his touch. After a year of not touching him, every brush & graze felt infinitely more intense.” #otwts

Day 9: Is any part of the backstory inspired by your own life?
#WIPjoy Day 9: I have several close family members and friends in various uniforms, so Dakota and I share that. #otwts

Day 10: Share a line you love about a setting.
#WIPjoy 10: “The hall was almost perfect already. Vintage photos of end of the war reunitings covered the walls, which added a sweet touch.”
Protagonist Takeover Week! (All answers must be in your character’s words)

For #WIPjoy next week, my MC Dakota will be taking over! She’s already got the whole week planned… Shocker

Day 11: Share a deep regret.
#WIPjoy Day 11: I regret pushing him away. I thought it would make things easier, but it hasn’t worked like I thought it would. #otwts

Day 12: How do you really feel about a character closest to you?
#WIPjoy Day 12: How do I feel about Kaylee? Honestly, she’s what keeps me stable most of the time. But I would never tell her that! #otwts

Day 13: Weapon of choice?
#WIPjoy Day 13: Weapon of choice? A well thought out plan, of course! With that, you wouldn’t need a weapon in the first place. #otwts

Day 14: How do you feel about romance?
#WIPjoy Day 14: Romance is a superfluous thought. Sure, I want it. Someday. But my goals come first. Although… would it be so bad? #otwts

Day 15: How do you feel about your author?
#WIPjoy Day 15: My author is a bit unfocused. I’d like to fix her. At least she gets my need for plans. #otwts

Day 16: Any words for future fans of you?
#WIPjoy Day 16: Words for future fans – I have reasons for the way I am. Some are good, some aren’t. But I’m always trying my hardest.

Day 17: When alone, do you make faces in the mirror? ‘Fess up.
#WIPjoy Day 17: Do I make faces in the mirror? No. Maybe I used to, but not now. I use the mirror as much as I have to and that’s it. #otwts
Deep Stuff Week

Day 18: Share a line that hints at your theme.
#WIPjoy Day 18: “Or maybe, that’s what you’ve been trying to tell me all along. Things can be simple if we choose for them to be.” #otwts

Day 19: What’s one big reason you’re writing this story?
#WIPjoy 1 Reason I’m writing #otwts – to help show that sometimes there’s an earned reason why people are “control freaks.”

Day 20: What kind of reader desperately needs this book?
#WIPjoy Day 20: Readers who would like #otwts? Those who like contemporary romance and need a reminder to be brave 🙂

Day 21: What’s been your biggest challenge with this WIP?
#WIPjoy Day 21: Had to face a lot of personal demons and big fears for #otwts. It’s been both challenging and healing.

Day 22: Represent your WIP with a single image.
#WIPjoy Day 22: I cant think of a better image to represent #otwts than the cover 🙂

OTWTS Book Cover - For web

Day 23: What aspect of the book is the most unique?
#WIPjoy Day 23: Dakota’s aversion to uniforms. While she’s not unsupportive of them, she will never get close to them. #otwts

Day 24: Share a line that’s a fantastic example of your writing voice.
#WIPjoy Day 24: Example of my writing voice 🙂


Community Fun Week

Day 25: If you could choose any other story to mashup with your own, which would it be?
#WIPjoy The most amusing mashup with #otwts would be An Officer and a Gentleman. Nothing but sailors as far as the eye can see for Dakota 😉

Day 26: Shoutout to this WIP’s most encouraging fan!
#WIPjoy Day 26: Shoutout to #otwts biggest fans @jpdailing and @jess_calla ! Y’all’s support has been incredible. Thank you! ❤

Day 27: Does your WIP contain any inside jokes?
#WIPjoy Day 27: Dakota/her dad watching plotless action movies is an inside joke for me and my dad. At least we tore them apart! #otwts

Day 28: Share a line that made someone feel FEELS.
#WIPjoy Day 28: Feels from #otwts
“After your wedding, he–”
And that’s when I broke into a thousand tiny, unrecoverable pieces.

Day 29: Shoutout to writer friends who inspire you.
#WIPjoy Day 29: So many inspirational authors! @jpdailing @jess_calla @HLVanFleet @kdpwrites @ErinRhewBooks @annmarjoryk @joelbain

Day 30: Remind us all what your WIP’s about.
Dakota had a plan, until her best friend enlisted. Torn b/w love & fear, she learns things aren’t as simple as she believed. #WIPjoy #otwts


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